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Lifestyle Photography Proposal & Photoshoot
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Proposal: CEO & Management
Teeter Fitness

Proposing a
Nuanced Approach

Teeter is growing in the home fitness market, and the brand needed to take a new look at the energy, authenticity, and diversity portrayed in their digital assets. I worked alongside the content team to do a deep dive, researching our current customer and defining segments based on that research.

After approval by the CEO to move forward with scheduling the photoshoot, I proceeded to direct test shoots with the selected models, plan the photoshoot details, and direct the final shoot at two locations over a two week period.


Conceptualize and execute a new strategy for lifestyle photography that better reflects Teeter brand values and resonates with customers.

The Proposal to Leadership

Full Presentation
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Meeting agendaMeeting demographicsBrand purposeBrand toneSegment: curvy fitness femaleSegment: healthy active maleSegment: average janeSegment: average joeSegment: classic femaleSegment: silver fox male

The proposal resulted in team alignment and the approval to move forward with test shoots.

Test Shoot & Planning

text shoot photo
presentation slide 1presentation slide 2presentation slide 3presentation slide 4presentation slide 5presentation slide 6presentation slide 7presentation slide 8presentation slide 9presentation slide 10presentation slide 11presentation slide 12presentation slide 13presentation slide 14presentation slide 15

The Photoshoot

Photo shoot documentation
man hanging in inversionwoman doing kickback on fitformwide shot of man stretching on inversion tableMan rowing on Power10Man inverting on inversion table and woman sitting on couch looking at him

The photoshoot successfully stayed on schedule and within budget. The photos are in post production and have started to be integrated into new brand initiatives.

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