Product Design & Crowdfunding

Kickstarting a Music Controller

Minim midi controller
Product Design & Launch
Creative Lead, Visual Designer, UX/UI
Livid Instruments

Designing, Funding,
and Launching Minim

Minim is a compact wireless MIDI controller designed for music creation. I worked alongside the CEO, business partners, and hardware engineers to design the physical product. I then crowdfunded the launch of Minim through the creation of a Kickstarter campaign that I designed and managed. Once funded, I collaborated with software developers to design and launch Minim Music Lab, a music creation app that connects to Minim via Bluetooth.


Design a MIDI controller with an app, and launch it through Kickstarter to fund the product tooling and app development costs.


The Story

Kickstarter Pitch Storyboard
Kickstarter Pitch Video
Minim Performance

The Kickstarter Campaign

User Survey

The App

User Videos

Minim was successfully funded and launched through Kickstarter, funding 262% over goal.

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