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Website Redesign and Iterative Improvements

As Teeter grows its product offerings in the home fitness market, the website needed a redesign to implement its new brand goals and products. I first collaborated with executive management and the content team to determine company goals and priorities. Next, I performed research to determine current UX issues, and then I started designing solutions. I worked closely with development to implement the new design, and I continue to analyze and update the website on an ongoing basis.


Redesign teeter.com to help users discover new products, improve UX issues, and grow sales.


  • Determine brand priorities and learn about upcoming product launches in a kickoff meeting with the CEO and marketing team
  • Draw a sitemap to understand what pages should take top priority and start considering user flow improvements
  • Develop rough timeline and project requirements with new priorities
graph of sales by products
teeter homepage sitemapfitspine lander sitemapfitspine lander sitemap
graph of sales by products


  • Review surveys, heat maps, and screen recordings to gain insights into user behaviors, goals, and pain points
  • Research the competitive landscape and document examples
how did you hear about teeter survey
competitor website examples


  • The majority of traffic is navigating to inversion tables through the homepage after seeing an ad for that product. As the brand grows its product lines, more visibility should be given to Cardio and Strength product categories while keeping Inversion easy to find and navigate.
  • Reorganizing the hierarchy of the homepage navigation to fitness categories is the top priority as it will allow for scalability as the product lines continue to grow and will aid in the advertising segment strategy.
  • The homepage and navigation will require a redesign to accommodate new products and to adhere to new brand guidelines.
graph of sales by products

Homepage & Navigation Design

homepage wireframehomepage wireframehomepage wireframe
competitor website examples
competitor website examples
competitor website examples
competitor website examples
Navigation Prototype
competitor website examples
competitor website examples
Homepage Before Redesign
Homepage Redesign
homepage mockuphomepage mockup
homepage mockup

Teeter has surpassed sales goals in the newly reached cardio and strength markets, with 40% of overall direct sales attributed to these categories, and they continue to grow.

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